South Carolina

Traveling down the east coast of the United States has been interesting, but it all still felt rather familiar to us. Then we got to South Carolina!

Gardens at Middleton Plantation

Gardens at Middleton Plantation

When we reached Charleston, we took a tour of a nearby plantation. This place was amazing! Now, plantation is just a fancy word for "Huge Farm", meaning that everything here had its purpose. 

The animals that were kept on the plantation all offered some form of economical advantage. The goats were used for their fur, milk, and meat. The birds were kept for their feathers, eggs, and meat. The water buffalo were kept because they are docile, strong workers, and for their meat. Then there came the fields, and plantations have a reputation for what happened on the fields. 

This plantation was one of 19 owned by the Middleton Family. Most of these plantations were used to make lots of money, but this one was used as the headquarters where business deals took place. Therefore, this plantation home was lavish and gorgeous with immaculate gardens on the property. 

This pool, for example, is one of many pools and ponds in the garden. The sights with the trees overhanging the water and the Spanish Moss hanging down from the branches just takes away all your thoughts as you stare off into the perfectly orchestrated design. 

This was our first day in Charleston and we have been thoroughly impressed!