When to Visit the Azores?

The Azores are a small chain of islands located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Their closest point of land is Portugal, and therefore they are Portuguese colonies.  

These islands are characterized by their wild and untouched beauty, though each island is completely different from the next. 

In Flores, one of the two Western-most islands, the typical tourist season is the summer (or dry season) as they refer to it here. This is simply because it is less rainy and you are probably going to have a better chance at great weather than if you tried in the winter (or rainy season) as they refer to it here. 

Flores is one of the islands that gets the most rainfall in all of the Azores, and as a result, also has some of the most lush vegetation and populous waterfalls. 

   If you want to go hiking, the best time to visit would be the summer months, as you will have less rainy days and excellent hiking weather. If you like waterfalls, you might be disappointed! 

The waterfalls depend on rain in the center of the island to cause the rivers to flow down and off the cliffs. If it has been very dry, the waterfalls will dry up and you won’t get to see them! 

If you are more interested in seeing majestic waterfalls at every turn you make, I would suggest visiting the Azores in the winter!  

During the winter, you will be in the “off-season” so you will have the ability to enjoy the waterfalls in absolute peace and tranquility. You will be the only person standing before the natural wonder and can sit on a stump to reflect upon whatever comes to mind. 

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