The Power of Nature

The Azores were formed when massive volcanoes rose up from the abysmal plain and pierced the surface of the ocean. They were born out of fire in the middle of the ocean, but now they are lush and covered with fresh water. 


All the vegetation and animals that were here when the first explorers stepped foot on these rocky cliffs in the ocean had arrived either by air or by sea. Sea birds would stop here to nest as the islands were devoid of predators, and any animals that were present had arrived by raft at some point since the creation of these islands. The vegetation also arrived on these islands by ways of sheer improbability, but yet they were green and lush when the first explorers arrived.

What I find most incredible is the collection of fresh water that is present on these islands. The ocean is a world of salt, and these tiny islands are oasis of fresh water in abundance! These waterfalls flow from never ending lakes and rivers, and just pour their fresh contents right out into the salty sea beyond the beaches. 

Life on this planet is very resilient, and it will find its way to every last point of habitable land possible!