The Power of Mother’s

Mother’s Metal Polish, that is! 


Our Diesel Heater has had a rough time lately. The metal had become discolored from the high heat of the flame, but then the Atlantic Crossing brought many boarding waves over the deck, and the small leak around the chimney/deck fitting let in saltwater. Lots and lots of saltwater, which led to the gradual degradation of the stovepipe.


Some elbow grease with a wire brush managed to take all the rust off the stovepipe, and then some vigorous rubbing with Mother’s Metal Polish brought the shine right back to the pipe.

Mother’s can be found on Amazon: 

When you use Mother’s the paste will go on with a pale creamy color, then it will turn black as the surface of the metal is smoothed. After a while, the remaining darkened residue can be removed with a clean rag to reveal the amazing shine of the metal that once was hiding beneath the corrosion.