Whales in Their Natural Environment

Whales live in the ocean, this is a simple fact that we all know, but do we truly understand it? 

whale watching tours will show you whales when they pass near our environment, the shore, where a short boat ride will bring our paths together. Whales migrate seasonally, and their routes near shore are well understood now. What about when they are not near our world, and instead we are the ones visiting theirs?


While in the absolute middle of the Atlantic, 1,500 nautical miles from the East Coast of the United States and 1,500 nautical miles from Portugal, we were visited by a whale. 


This Northern Bottlenose Whale came by our boat and swam with us for a few minutes. In this realm, we are the visitors in their world. We have left the shore and come into Whale Territory where whales want to come near us to see who is the new visitor in their waters. 

Seeing a whale out here is truely magical. They can see you from far underwater and choose to surface near you, especially the second and third times. This is performed on their terms and should be referred to as Human Watching for the whales.