Visiting New York

One of the benefits of cruising is that you can afford to travel. Wisdom is currently in the Azores, and to not overstay our visas, we had to return to the United States by plane while she is being repainted. While back in the States, we took advantage of our proximity to New York City for a little city exploration.


Maddie’s brother lives in New York, so we also got to visit with him! Having a local show you around is always better than wandering around aimlessly. He took us through cool murals and interesting parks as we visited the key sights and experiences that make a trip to New York complete.


It sure is a different world than the one Maddie and I are used to. Instead of clouds obscuring the sun, it’s the tall peaks of buildings that reach up into the sky. Small streets in tiny ports that we anchor near are a far cry from the busy streets of this city.

All the hustle and bustle is fun for us to visit, but we do enjoy the peace and tranquility that we get when we are at the boat. Being in a busy city sure does make you appreciate the solitude of the open ocean even more.