Dorade Template

To increase airflow in the forepeak, we want to add a vent. This vent will be in one of the most challenging areas, as well as one of the most necessary areas. 

The cowl needs to only let in air, and perfectly separate out water. Any water that comes through would then drip on our bed. Thankfully I had just finished designing a baffle system that will properly separate out the air from the water.  


The dorade box fits nicely up next to our inner forestay, while keeping the the cowl in clear air while the sails are down. 


Space on the deck is a premium, so finding a place that it fits the box well without impeding other deck hardware is imperative. 

Space needs to exist for the windlass to operate, as well as space to stow the sails when they are flakes on the deck.  


This plywood template served a useful purpose of allowing us to actually see what it will look like on the deck before anything gets cut or glassed.  

Nos that we have found the perfect spot, it is time to build the real deal and glass it to the deck.