Removing a Stripped Screw

Old screws can present a challenge to remove, they are usually located in a hard to reach place and invariably, the hardest one to reach will not want to budge. As you force on the head with your properly fitted screw driver, the force will cause the internal shape to alter, resulting in nice even ramps that will dispel any attempts at unscrewing with a screw driver. Now what? 


You have an easy option at this point, the drill! By drilling into the screw, you will do one of two things. 

1. You will drill off the head and render the screw worthless as the head is no longer attached to fasten anything.  

2. The drill will get stuck in the screw and by reversing the drill, you will also unscrew the stubborn fastener. 

After you drill into the screw a few millimeters, simply stop and give the drill a little tug back. If the drill bit does not pop out easily, don’t force it. Simply put the drill in reverse and enjoy the ease of unscrewing the fastener with a power tool!