Slowing Down

In the universe, particles with no mass are able to travel at the speed of light! They can travel at speeds we will never comprehend, speeds that we will never be able to attain with our current technology.

Particles with mass are not able to reach these speeds, but they are able to sit still! Mass-less particles can never stop and rest, but we with mass have the luxury to stop; a luxury that we should all take advantage of.

When moving, it is hard to evaluate what is going on around you. Picture yourself driving down the highway on your morning commute. Can you tell if the leaves are being blown in the trees? The trees look still and lifeless on the side of the highway as they stand there motionless, but if you stood under the tree even a subtle breeze would make the entire tree come to life as the leaves rustle in the wind!

You are only able to appreciate this by stopping, and if you pass on by, you will miss all the spectacles before you. 

When cruising, the same holds true. If you are moving, you will pass on by wonders that would be overlooked. When you stop and anchor, you can then appreciate what is really going on around you. The current becomes more apparent, as does the life in the water you are floating in!

Cruising is a wonderful opportunity that many dream of and few are able to make a reality. If you have the opportunity to go cruising, don't let the wonders around you pass on by. Be sure to stop and appreciate the world around you as you are being gifted a unique vantage of the world around you.