High and Dry

Last night, we anchored on the side of the ICW during high tide with a shorter scope than we usually do. Our standard is 7:1 scope in all chain rode, but after hearing a lot of negative comments about using too much chain, we decided to go a bit shorter.  

The YouTube consensus on our videos is we should anchor with 3:1 scope. We chose to shorten scope but not that drastically, so we anchored with 4:1 scope. That night, at low tide, we dragged anchor so I let out more scope, bringing us back to our standard 7:1.  

Well we moved from our deep anchorage onto a shallow spot and grounded us. Now, as the tide goes out, we are heeling over.  


Our only option at this point is to wait for the tide to come back up and get us floating better so we can raise anchor and get out of here.