Watching a Monster

Maddie and I are currently anchored in a tiny creek, next to a tiny town. There is deep enough water for our keel and enough room for us to swing, but that is about all there is to appreciate in this small town. 

Reedville has a few restaurants, a museum, and an ice cream shop. These locales are only open a few days a week, and are all closed by 9pm. When we asked what the locals do for entertainment, the answer is unanimous: get in their car and drive to the next town over which has everything! 

Being how we do not posses this luxury, we instead opted to stay on the boat and pass the time with projects that needed to get done. 

You might be wondering why we are anchored in such a random place, and why we don't just sail to a different town that has more activities and amenities? The answer is simple, Hurricane Jose has passed by and Hurricane Maria is close on his heels. We were in a completely protected anchorage for Hurricane Jose, but had no town to visit and explore.

Instead of heading out into the bay and risking getting caught with no wind to return to a safe anchorage, we chose to sail to Reedville and wait out the time. It was a full week between the storms. The winds were all in upheaval as the hurricanes disrupted their normal patterns, and we just waited at anchor. 

In a few days, we had explored the entire town, made a few friends, and had friends come visit us, but the reason we were staying here seemed to slip past our minds. We often wondered why we were anchored on such gorgeous days! The winds were steady and pleasant, on sunny yet cool cloudless days! We often completely forgot why we were here and almost raised the anchor when once again, we remembered that we were hiding from Hurricane Maria. 

After being here for over a week, we were both on the deck. Maddie was reading a book in the hammock while I was dissasembling our windlass to re-grease it. The winds had been building steadily as the storm was approaching. The day before, sky became completely covered by altostratus clouds, letting us know that severe weather was nearby. Today, the sky was completely clear, as the hurricane had drawn all the clouds back into it. Off in the distance, a giant mound of clouds sit. 

That mound of clouds was Hurricane Maria! It was passing a few hundred miles away but the towering storm reached up into the sky and we could see it from our protected anchorage. 

That giant monster of a storm had destroyed the homes of millions as it tore through the Caribbean, smashing islands that had just been devastated by a Hurricane Irma! This moment felt like in an action movie, when the superhero would leap out from the shadows and command the attention of the monster villain. Then they would duel and justice would prevail. 

Unlike in a movie, we simply sat quietly as the monster slowly lumbered on by. We sit quietly in our protected refuge hoping that it doesn't notice us, and instead passes on by.  

We are not superheroes, nay, we are merely extraordinary chickens.