Reedville, VA

We originally anchored in the Great Wicomico River (on the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, not to be confused with the Wicomico River on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay) for Hurricane Jose. The holding was superb and we had good protection from the waves, but there was nothing to do there. As soon as Jose passed, we were planning to shoot over to Tangier Island, but Hurricane Maria is close behind Jose.  

There is a good week between when the two storms will hit, but the winds between such monsters can be rather fluky. If the winds die out on us while we are in the middle of the bay, our small electric motor won't be of much help in getting back to this wonderful hurricane hole. So instead, we chose to explore new areas in the same river. 

We raised our seriously buried anchor and headed up a narrow creek towards Reedville, VA. We arrived at 8pm, and only one restaurant was still open, Tommy's. Being how we had just spent over a week away from civilization, anchored out in the quiet parts of St. Mary's River, we really wanted a meal off the boat and around other people. 

It was dark, so we walked down the middle of the main road, though no one was to be seen! The houses had their lights turned off, the stores were all closed, and everything was very desolate. Tommy's was the only place still open at this "late" hour, so that is where we ate. What a treat this place was! Maddie and I both got delicious meals with dessert for $40! 

It turns out that Reedville is a sleepy little town. The restaurants are only open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And they are all closed by 9pm!  

We plan to be anchored here for a few days as we explore the town and visit the local museums, but it will take some getting used to as we are accustomed to tree lined creeks where you won't see another soul or port towns that never seem to sleep. This seems like a very sleepy little town that will strike a nice balance in the middle for us as we explore around while waiting for the next hurricane to pass by.