Waking Up in New Places

One of the coolest parts about cruising is you can wake up in a different place whenever you want! Maddie and I have been exploring the Chesapeake Bay as we make our way along on our voyage. We plan to cross the Atlantic and slip into the Mediterranean Sea before we shoot over to the Caribbean and enjoy the island life. The Chesapeake Bay is a gem that people travel to from all over the world. For that reason, we decided not to skip over it, and to instead spend a few months exploring it as we make our way along. 

Some morning we find ourselves in a quiet creek surrounded by trees and birds. Other mornings we are anchored next to a small island in the bay. Today, we awoke next to Solomon's Island surrounded by marinas and yachts of all styles.  


We plan to stay here for a few days while we work on a few projects as this creek is very close to a West Marine, a prominent boating supply store. If we find that any of our gear needs replacing while we are doing maintenance, that store will carry the parts that we would need. The constant change in scenery makes every morning special as you travel across the waters of the world.