Noisy Neighbors

Cruising means anchoring in new areas as you explore the waters around you. Along the way, you will find quiet and peaceful anchroages that you will never want to leave. If you hang out in one of these places long enough, the weekend will come and other boaters will descend on these gems, Turing them into bustiling bee hives with boats combing and going constantly. People will swim in the waters amongst the passing boats and the whole area will come alive with commotion.  

By sheer probability, one of these boaters will be equipped with a very loud stereo system and will be on a mission to go deaf as soon as humanly possible. These boats will blare and blast their music all day long as they party and drink until you can no longer stand the noise.  

There is a simply tendency that all of these noisy boaters have in common, they will be a powerboat. More so, they will be a new power boat that is very flashing with all the latest gadgets. 

While it may feel like the noise will never end, there is hope! The owner of this powerboat obviously has a job and needs to return to work on Monday morning. Otherwise, how could he ever afford a boat like that?! 

As the sun sets on Sunday, these floating speakers will raise their anchor and head back to where they came from as the owner needs to continue his routine of work hard, party hard. You, on the other hand, will enjoy the peace as it returns to that quiet anchorage for you are cruising and don't need to pack up and return to port for you are always at home in your floating paradise!