Sailing to Slow Down

The day of departure is fast approaching and the question on many people's minds is "What made you love sailing?"  Since I didn't grow up around boats or have a previous passion for sailing, my love for sailing may be different from most.  I'm a high-strung, fast-paced kind of person.  I always arrive on time (which has been stressful with Herby because he has no concept of time whatsoever, having grown up as a Puerto Rican), and I am constantly thinking about what's coming next.  In short, I'm a city girl.  I plan my whole day out before I get up in the morning.  Sailing the way we do without a motor offers me a chance to slow down.  When we're sailing, my mindset changes completely from schedules and time constraints to "I guess I'll read a book for the next couple hours."

In that way, the electric motor has been a gift.  Why stress about when we are going to get to the next destination when we have no control over it whatsoever?  We are completely at the mercy of the winds, and as soon as I accepted that, sailing became the most peaceful and relaxing way of life I had oever experienced.  This is part of the reason that I am so excited for our trip.  People are constantly asking us where we're going and when we'll be there and I thoroughly enjoy watching their faces as I say "we have no idea!"  It is the ultimate feeling of freedom to know that we can go wherever we feel like going and get there whenever the wind decides.  In the mean time, we will simply talk, laugh, read, eat, and sleep!