The Addition of YouTube

Back in 2015, I first began this blog. My goals with this blog were to help shed light on rigging questions and unveil the mystery of living on a sailboat. Over the years, the blog has grown in popularity as we began to discuss other topics as well. One of the biggest changes in the topics covered is cruising and what it is to take an "extended vacation" where you simply sail around and explore new places.  

I do feel that the written form is ideal for conveying detailed information from one person to another, especially with the aide of images and pictures. Maddie and I have also begun exploring the world of video and we have created a growing channel on YouTube where we display the cruising life onboard Wisdom as we sail along. We feel we can show a different vantage point since we have to actually sail places. Our cutter is equipped with a small electric motor, negating our ability to motor along endlessly for hours. Instead, we are traveling in a more purist method, using only the power of the wind to sail along in our long keeled cutter rigged sailboat. 

The blog will continue to post daily at 9AM EST but we will also be creating videos on YouTube as well. If you would like to subscribe to our YouTube channel, the link is:  

This way, you won't miss a single episode as we cruise the Atlantic on our transatlantic journey through the world by wind.