Magical Moon

The past few nights have been rather magical. Over the horizon, a massive full moon has been rising every night. This moon isn't just a regular, run of the mill full moon though, for it is blood red!

Each night, the moon emerges from over the horizon in a deep red color. As the moon climbs in the sky, it quickly sheds its pigment and assumes the more characteristic white moon color which it maintains throughout the night. 

It might seem magical, but it does have a simple explanation to this color. The low air pollution is becoming quite thick. As the moon emerges over the horizon, viewing it requires you to peer through a thick cloud of smog that is low and wide. When you look at the moon on the horizon, you are really look through the smog. As the moon climbs, it appears whiter because its light is no longer being distorted by the pollution and can be seen in the color that it truely is. 

While it might seem magical and majestic as it arises in a deep red, all it is really doing is warning us that we live in a polluted bubble and should consider moving on to cleaner air.