Runaway Diesel Heater

Diesel heaters are a great way to keep your cabin nice and toasty during the winter. They provide a reliable dry heat that will keep you comfortable. Dickinson heaters are very simple and straight forward to operate, making them a heat source you can count on. As long as fuel is getting to the unit, it will burn and it will heat your cabin!

The problem is sometimes these units get a bit too much fuel and will burn way too hot for comfort. The fuel chamber will find itself too filled with diesel, causing it to burn out of control! The fuel is already past the carburetor, so shutting off the fuel flow won't do very much good. You will just have to let it burn itself out as the fuel is consumed and the fire begins to dwindle.

While the excess fuel is burning off, the unit will glow red hot and begin to rattle. This is a bit concerning and very avoidable. By simply opening the door a smidge, fresh air will enter the unit above the fuel and cause the fire to burn much less intense. The fuel will still burn, just at a much calmer rate which will make everyone inside the cabin much more relaxed as everything returns to normal. Once the fuel level has gotten back to normal, you can close the door all the way and resume using it as normal.