The Perfect Can Opener

The hunt for the perfect can opener seems to have come to an end!

A good can opener on a sailboat needs to be strong, sturdy, reliable, easy to operate, and most importantly: work!

Past can openers have rusted severely, or the gear assembly wears out and it won't spin around the can anymore. A past can opener that was very basic and seemed like it would work forever functions well, but it is very painful to hold. The handles were nothing more than a bar and a metal strap.


This can opener was a gift from Maddie's parents when they had heard about our can opening strife. This can opener has large and comfortable handles that lock together when operating. To unlock, all you need to do is push the red button. 

This unit has survived for roughly 6 months on board and is showing no signs of rust or any other type of corrosion. I think we may have found the perfect can opener!

The manufacturer is Zyliss, but since this can opener was a gift, I do not know where they sell them. If your current can opener is failing you and you stumble upon one of these, I highly suggest picking it up.