Cleaning up the Planking

The sheer was cleaned up first that way the dinghy could be flipped over to work on the chine with the dinghy upside-down. Before the dinghy was flipped, I needed to clean up the excess bedding compound that has been smeared through every nook and cranny of the hull.

At this point, the hull looks like a giant mess! The excess polysulfide was somewhat tenacious and didn't want to come off as easily as the transom excess did. This meant that the next best way to get it off was to sand the surface with an orbital sander.

The top layer of bedding compound and a bit of wood was removed to fair the edges up and make the topside smooth. The topsides are currently a bit wavy, but this will be faired up when I sand the hull with a longboard.

It's amazing what a difference a bit of sanding can make to clean up the appearance of the hull!