Finishing the Stem and Starting the Second Planking

The bedding compound at the stem rabbet has fully set, it is now time to shape up the stem and clean off any excess bedding compound.

A random orbital sander was used to fair up all the planks and clean up the black polysulfide bedding compound. After some careful shaping, the bow is much more fair and ready for the second layer of planking.

The saw and rubber dust was cleared away using a compressor, leaving behind the clean and smooth wood of the bow, ready for the next layer of planking. High spots on the bow were all rounded and faired with 60 grit sand paper until a plank could easily be laid against the hull, perpendicular to the first layer of planks.

The first plank of the second layer was test fitted dry and the outline was traced. This space was then covered with bedding compound, with extra bedding compound going into each seam to keep water out. The bedding compound was spread around using a spatula, making it a giant rubber field for the plank to attach.

The first strake was attached using bronze screws, pulling the strake onto the curvature of the hull while pulling the first layer of planks flush up to it. This will create a very tight fitting faying surface that is filled with bedding compound. The screw holes were then filled with bedding compound as well to help keep out any water intrusion that might try to make its way in.

The space forward of this plank was then prepared using the same method, the large black field is the spread out bedding compound in preparation for the next strake. 

The next set of planks was attached to the same way, all with bronze screws. The excess is left overhanging the stem until the bedding compound cures, then this excess will be trimmed off just like the planks at the chine.