New Cushions

Maddie decided that the old settee cushions have to go and newer, more comfortable ones need to become a reality. Our old cushions are so hard that your butt will actually fall asleep if you sit on them for more than a half hour.

I am able to sleep anywhere and on anything, so it never bothered me all these years, but since we will be sitting on them a whole lot more while cruising, the replacement of these cushions has become a priority!

The foam from the backs was reused to keep costs down, but the bottom cushions were replaced with a much more comfortable foam that is a dream to sit on! When we got the new cushions, we did a movie marathon where we sat there for hours without any of our hind quarters going to sleep!

Maddie was also excited about getting to choose the new fabrics' color. The old cushions look like something you would find in a hunting lodge from the 1970's. Maddie wanted to go with a simple color that would go well with the interior wood of Wisdom. I wanted a color that would not show Morty hair.

We looked through the Sailrite catalog and found a few colors that we thought would look good in the boat and then ordered samples. One was green, then there were two blues. The green looked good on the page, but the sample had these gold flecks in the threads that Maddie did not like. That instantly removed the green piece from the list of potential options.

We were now down to the two blue choices. Maddie was torn between them and couldn't quite decide which one she wanted to go with, so Morty came to the rescue as the tie breaker. I rubbed Morty with the samples vigorously and all our questions were answered. One of the blues showed every single dog hair while the other blue looked clean. After a very careful inspection, I was able to find the dog hairs on the sample to prove in fact that they are on the sample and hidden from view.

Thanks to the samples, we were able to confidently make our selection on the fabric color. We had a local seamstress make the cushions to fit the benches. She did a wonderful job and the price was excellent!

Now we have comfortable cushions in the salon where we spend most of our time on Wisdom.