Cooking Fuels: Diesel

Yes, diesel stoves and ovens are a thing. They work by burning diesel and heating up a cast iron stove top. The iron becomes hot and heats up everything around it. This will include your food, as well as the air and everyone in the cabin! 

Diesel stoves also take a while to heat up, usually around 20-60 minutes and several hours to cool down once the fire has been put out. In cooler climates, this is a great way to heat the cabin as well as prepare the meals, but in warmer climates, it means that the cabin will turn into an oven for the next several hours! 

Diesel stoves have the pleasure of using a very obtainable fuel source, as everyone uses diesel for their motors around the world! These stoves can also be adjusted to burn all sorts of other oils, such as kerosene and heating oil. This makes these stoves very versatile, but they do produce a lot of accessory heat in the cabin.