Smooth Sailing

Ocean sailing should not be feared, nor thought of with concern. 


The average wind speed on the ocean is 10-15 knots, and the average sea state is 4-5 feet high. This produces a very smooth and comfortable ride as you gently rise up and fall down the gentle swell. While this might sound like a large wave, it really isn't. Waves you encounter at a beach, in the breaking surf are tall and steep, this is why they break as they are too tall for their width. 

Waves on the ocean are called swell, as they are very, very wide. A 4 foot tall wave, even a 30 foot tall wave, will have a gentle slope up, and down. You will simply float along the top of the water, as you rise and fall with the waves. 

I am not saying that a 30 foot wave is a walk in the park, not at all, but they are not as scary as you might be imagining. Waves on the ocean are better thought of as rolling hills that you would encounter on an old country road. You move up and down, but at a gradual and relaxing pace. 

When you combine this with the nice and steady breeze in your sails, you will find ocean sailing to be very enjoyable. There is nothing like slicing through the water under full sail as a pod of dolphins escorts you over this vast blue wonderland!