Go Cruising Now!

While most "soon to be" cruisers plan to prepare their yacht to completion before setting out, "current" cruisers are breaking stuff just the same and are constantly repairing the problems as they arise. It might feel more comfortable to tackle all these issues while in a home port where you know your way around, the truth is, new problems will arise as you cruise! 

Putting off your departure date until everything is perfect will only cause you to put off cruising for longer. When you do finally go, stuff will still break and you will find yourself fixing things in a strange port anyways.

With this fatalistic view of cruising, it makes sense to take your boat as it is and get going on it now! Set off and get going while you work on it along the way. Stay close to shore as you start, testing the waters and systems, fixing what breaks as you sail your way along the coast. Once your yacht is repaired to a point where it is sea worthy, you can then venture out into the real "blue water" sailing towards a distant destination with all that experience and all those memories under your belt. 

Don't wait until later, just get going now and have fun with your life and your time at sea!