A rather common sight to see while out far from land are small land birds that have been swept out to sea. These small birds had no intention of going out to sea, as they are not suited to survive over water, but by an ill fated gust, they have now found themselves over open waters. 


These little birds will descend upon a sailboat as you are the only place for them to land and rest their tired wings.  Most of the birds that land aboard are quite grateful to have found you, as you are their only hope in survival, but they will still keep their distance from you. It is nice to offer them some water to drink by setting water in a small bowl and placing it somewhere far from you so the bird can drink and rest in peace.

This tiny little bird was actually very gregarious, he rested for a little while and then sprang to life with a full fury of energy! We had recently been bequeathed with a large gift of flies that had descended upon us earlier and this little bird landed in heaven. He would hop around the cockpit, hunting the flies! There were so many of them that he had an easy time about catching them. What was more humorous to us was that he seemed unfazed by our presence. He would climb all over us, hopping along on his little feet, as he stalked and ate the flies that were swarming around us. 

This little stowaway stayed with us for several hours, hunting most of the flies that had plagued us, until we passed by a light house and he took flight for the distance. Most birds will stay onboard until we get very close to land, but this little adventurous fellow was not waiting around for us to make landfall!