Redesigning the New Dinghy

With the maximum dimensions of the dinghy measured in place on the deck, it is time to finalize the design of the dinghy.

Using a hull design program from Carlson Design, I was able to place specific stations and allow the program to produce a fair line. This program also allows me to evaluate the maximum displacement of the craft and evaluate where the center of buoyancy will lie. The program is available for free from Carlson Design.

Follow the link above to the webpage where the calculator can be found and downloaded.

Clicking the link below the yellow arrow will download the file which can be opened to run the program. The program works wonderfully, and provides a wealth of information in just moments. 

With the maximum and minimum measurements, I was able to design a dinghy that fit within these tolerances. I then received approval from Maddie and got the go-ahead to build such a dinghy.

The measurements were then transferred back onto the dinghy and verified on the deck, making sure that the chimney will not be obstructed and that the hatch will be fully covered.