Sunsets Aboard

One of my favorite parts about living aboard are the sunsets. These magical ends to the day, light up the darkening sky with a variety of colors. The city buildings are silhouetted before a sky of blazing reds and oranges.

The best sunsets occur in the fall on a cool day when the sky is filled with whispy clouds that light up the sky like streamers. The air is cool and brisk air makes you feel refreshed as your day winds down to an end.

You can just relax in the cockpit and watch the sun go down as the coolness of the night sets in as quickly as the light leaves you. The boats gently bobs as the subtle swell carries you up and down, slowly lulling you into a happier state of mind.

This is the perfect closure to any day. All of your cares and worries vanish with the sun over the horizon as you mind clears itself with the cool brisk breeze.

This is what living on a boat is all about. You have less things and live in a smaller space so that you can enjoy more of your time and relax in the cockpit as the sun sets behind the city. There are no worries nor deadlines because you are on a boat and life is good.

People always want togo near water to watch the sunset because it calms and relaxes them. Well living on the water lets you be in a perpetual state of calmed and relaxed.

If I ever get over worked or stressed out, sitting on the throne in the cockpit and overlooking the darkening sky will alleviate any concerns.  Sunsets really are the best way to sum up life aboard. All of your cares and worries fade away into darkness and all you are left with a feeling of peace as the boat gently rocks your worries away.