Loft Windows

The loft windows are "replacement windows" meaning that they are designed to slip into an existing window frame. There is no flange that attaches to the sheathing, instead, the window simply screws into the existing frame. Shims are very helpful with these windows to get them straight and level.

After the windows are crudely screwed into place, the siding and window frames will cover up any voices and irregularities in the installation. Expanding foam will also be sprayed into the gap to seal out any drafts that could rip through the windows in the winter.

The loft windows will provide plenty of ventilation to the loft allowing us to sleep in there with comfort. The screens on the windows will also help keep any critters at bay.

These windows, with their eight screws, went in very easily and require very little skill to install. If I had the choice, I would say that regular windows offer more strength in their installation, but these windows install much more easily.