Beveling the Frames

The frames were cut out of a board with no discretion for the bevels in the hull planking. Knowing this, the frames were cut on the larger side, affording me wood to scrub off to straighten out the contours of the planking. 

To pickup the bevels, used a batten which I lay along the frames and notate the amount of bevel needed.  I then proceed to scrub the corner of the frame with a Number 4 planer. This will scrub off the excess wood needed to add the proper bevel to the frames.

After an initial bevel is scrubbed, it would behove you to recheck the bevel with the batten. As you scrub the adjacent frames, you will alter the required bevel very slightly. For this reason, I recommend that you only scrub a little each time, checking as you go.


The top of the insides was scrubbed for the shelf clamp, and the entire outside was scrubbed for the sheer and the subsequent planking that would be placed on the frames. 


After all the frames were scrubbed and verified with the batten, the shelf and sheer would fit well to the frames. I didn't bevel the entire surface as this would make the frames significantly thinner, and this is just a dinghy. These scrubbed frames will offer enough faying surface and strength to the planks that will rest on them.