Islander 36 Conversion: Lower Shrouds

The lower shrouds on the Islander 36 are each 17 feet long and will attach to the mast via T-Ball fittings and to the chainplates via deadeyes.



To begin the process of fabricating the lowers, measurements needed to be taken. The lowers are not under much stress or load, so the minimal amount of bury will be sufficient for these stays. Since we are using 6mm New England Ropes STS-HSR, we need to bury 17 inches.

The second mark is at the 27 inch position, allowing us to have 10 inches available for the eye splice, letting us insert a variety of thimble sizes while keeping the angle of the throat to a minimum. 

With these positions marked on the rope, a mobius brummel eye splice was performed in the ends of each stay, producing four identical stays that will be installed to replace the forward and aft lower shrouds.