Heavy Rainfall and Trash

People often forget that trash left out on land will eventually make its way into the oceans. Trash left on the sides of roads or accumulated around buildings will stay on land for a period of time until wind and rain will wash the land clean and relocate the trash into the waterways. 

This fact is made very clear after strong rainstorms pour down on the land nearby. When nearly four inches of rain fell in a few hours, massive flooding occurred inland as the rivers overflowed. Loose debris that were deep inland were swept away and flushed down the river into the bay which leads into the ocean. 

The waters where we live became cloudy with all the suspended mud and plant debris that was flushed away from places far inland.

Luckily, this storm flushed out a lot of organic matter, leaves and branches, with only a few pieces of plastic. Trash continues to flow past the marina on its way out into the bay which will eventually lead it out into the ocean.

Trash never goes away, it just moves around.