Beam or Length

When looking for a boat to live in, consider the total size of the boat, not just the length. Many people think they want a 30 foot boat, or a 45 foot boat, or even a 65 footer! As length goes up, so does interior volume and living space. The problem with length is it will cost you!

When you tie up to a marina pier, they charge you by length. The charge can range from $1 to $2 per foot on the east coast, and even higher during holiday times. If you have a 30 foot boat, that would cost you $60 per night; a 45 footer would cost $90 per night, and a 65 footer would cost $130 per night! While length is nice, it does not have as much of an effect on interior space as beam does. 

If you have a 45 foot boat with a 10 foot beam, and you add 1 foot, you now have a 46 foot boat! This will add one foot of length, or 10 extra interior square feet at a cost of $2 extra dollars each night. If you take the same 45 foot boat with a 10 foot beam and add one extra foot of beam to it, you now have a 45 foot boat, but with roughly 45 extra feet of interior square footage! That is a huge increase at no added cost to your overnight docking while traveling. 

When you are searching for a liveaboard boat, consider finding the beamiest (widest) boat in a size range as it will give you added interior volume without increasing your docking fees.