Honeymoon Cruise: Day 4

We decided to sail to Oxford next, but the winds are very light today, so we decided to stay put for the day. We thought about it and figured we could either spend the day in the sun drifting with light airs at the mercy of the tidal currents or spend another day relaxing in our little piece of heaven. So we stayed put!

The day got hot and we decided to practice a man-over-board recovery (since it involved us getting in the water). This was a very good learning experience for us, as it taught us how complicated it is to pull someone out of the water and the importance to stay attached to the boat (via tether) no matter what the weather conditions are. 

We both gave it a go, one of us playing the victim and the other the rescuer, then we traded places. Both of us were successful in getting the victim raised and on board the boat under very calm and relaxed conditions. Even though everything was going smoothly in the recovery, we know that this would be very difficult to do during rough weather and we would much rather not fall over board in the first place! 

It was a Sunday afternoon, so everyone who needs to go to work come Monday morning had to return to shore. We were alone once again.

We noticed that all the power boats that were anchored out left, and only the sailboats remained. The few powerboats that we saw near sunset pulled up anchor just before dark and returned to port. The moral of this story is: If you want to stay out on a boat during the week, you should buy a sailboat instead of a powerboat!

Maddie and I looked at the forecast and decided that we would set sail tomorrow morning to begin making our way towards Oxford.