Honeymoon Cruise: Day 1

Our honeymoon cruise started with me working a half day in the office. I had one set of wisdom teeth to pull before we could set sail!

I got the four wisdom teeth out and the patient stitched up, and made my way home to the boat, excited and ready to cast off the lines and set sail for our honeymoon cruise! When I got home, I did a quick inspection of the rigging and decided that the two new check stays were a bit slack, so I set everything up to get them adjusted.

After adjusting the check stays, the forward lowers could use a bit more tension, then the aft lowers, and then the backstay! The only stays that didn't need adjusting were the cap shrouds and the headstay! This took some time to do, which set back our departure time. Then began the regular preparations to go sailing: uncover the sails, hank on the jib, run the sheets aft, un-plug the boat, the list goes on. 

By the time the sails and running rigging were set and ready to go, a severe thunderstorm approached from the South. Maddie and I decided that we could either spend one more night in the slip with air conditioning and have a nice shore-side dinner, or cast off and anchor in a horrible thunderstorm. That was an easy choice to make!

We went to shore to get sushi for dinner then headed back to the boat to relax in port one more night before we set off.

The first day of our honeymoon cruise was off to a non-start, which was ok with us. This fit our "we get there when we get there" attitude. The winds and weather were not conducive to safe sailing, so we waited for better weather to start our honeymoon cruise! 

Tomorrow morning we will cast off for sure!