A major advantage of living aboard is you can enjoy sunsets from various places without straying far from your home.

When you sail offshore, you can enjoy watching the sunset over the ocean (which is a treat for those of us who live on the East coast). 

You can also tie up in a marina located near or in the heart of the city, putting you within walking distance of bars and restaurants!

We have been living aboard for 4 years now (I started in 2012, Maddie started in 2014) and we have really enjoyed the flexibility of living so close to the city night life, yet removed in our own little world inside the boat. The only reminder that we are in the city is the glow of the city light pollution peering in through the hatches and portholes, not much different from a full moon night.

For being in the heart of the city, we certainly don't pay as much as the neighboring land lubbers. Rent in our area is around $1800 per month for a one-bedroom apartment, and the condos cost $250,000 for a small one-bedroom (with $500 per month condo association fees). Our slip fee runs around $500 a month (including electric and water) for a 45 foot sailboat. Spending less on where we live lets us enjoy the area more and still save up to go cruising!

When you live aboard, the different sunsets are a delightful part of daily life.