Life Cycle of a Boat

They say that every boat ever made wI'll sink and our job is to prolong the inevitable. This boat reached the end rather quickly!


At 6:30am, this boat was floating. By 8:30am, it was on the bottom! 

I do not know the cause of this vessels sinking, but this should serve as a reminder to check all the holes in your boat!  

I suspect this may have been due to a sea cock issue. If the hose slips off the sea cock, water will pour into the hull at an alarming rate! Boats with large motors will have massive through hulls to supply the enormous flow of water required to cool them.  

Whenever we leave our boat for a period of time, we close all the sea cocks. I also inspect the hoses and hose clamps regularly, replacing them at the first sign of deterioration. 

When a boat is holed, the inevitable happens quickly!