Honeymoon in Belize

For our honeymoon, we wanted to travel someplace warm where we could relax on a beach and go swimming. Coco Plum became our destination of choice. It's a small reef island with a few huts on it. 

The only issue is getting to this remote island. 2 jets, a tiny propeller plane and a boat ride to get here!

Maddie was a trooper, hopping onto the smallest commercial plane she had ever been on to get there. She is used to large organized airports with different terminals and pathways to get you to your plane, but she went along with the relaxed attitude in Belize where you walk out onto the tarmac to find your small propeller plane. 

My favorite part of this was the local security inspection:

Security officer: "Do you have anything you shouldn't have?"

Me: "Nope."

Security officer: "Ok."

No hassle with metal detectors or strip searches, just walk into the airplane and hold on for the flight! We will be spending a week on these reef islands, relaxing and enjoying the tropical waters for our honeymoon.