Marina Community

Maddie and I got married on June 4th, and during the toasts I realized something.

Many of the people from the marina were present at the wedding because they are like family. We might not be related by blood, but we love each other, take care of each other, and look out for each other. I have never experienced this type of close nit community on land, where neighbors seem to keep to themselves and avoid interactions with one another.

In the marina, we all hang out together on the docks and in each others boats. If you are inside and hear people having a good time, you come out and join in the fun!

I had taken this sense of community for granted all these years until my neighbors began giving toasts at the wedding. These people have known me from the first day I arrived in the marina. I just bought Wisdom and brought her into her slip, giving everyone a spectacle as I had no experience reversing a full keel boat into a slip!

They helped me situate the dock lines and position fenders, they gave me pointers and were always available to lend a hand when I was coming or going. I took this for "friendly boat neighbors" and didn't realize that this is because we are all family in the marina.

We connect on a much deeper level! We go through the same struggles and we are always around to help in time of need. 

When Maddie came into my life, everyone noticed how I had changed. I was much more open, and they all said I seemed so much happier; and they were happy to see this change in me. 

It was very touching to see how much everyone cares about us in the marina. It is a bond that I have never had on land, and it's a special bond between liveaboards.