Morty is not a human. He is a dog.

We are pretty sure Morty knows he’s a dog because every now and then we give him treats like bones and raw hide, which are primarily meant for the pleasure of dogs.

He does, however receive many human amenities on the boat since he is special and lives on a boat. For instance, Morty gets a life jacket that he is required to wear while on deck if we are sailing. He also receives frequent helpings of human food. Tuna, which can also be seen as a food for cats, is his favorite.

The largest thing Morty has is a bed. He gets the entire quarter berth even though he is a corgi and corgis are small. When we are in the quarter berth watching a movie or napping, Morty pretends that he can’t get up to join us so that we are forced to pick him up and place him in his bed. However, if we leave him in the boat for extended periods of time, he is almost always magically in the quarter birth when we return.

Morty very much enjoys his bed because it is like a dark cave of cozy blankets and pillows. He is a happy dog.

This is Morty in his bed.