Magnus Hitch

The Magnus Hitch is a handy knot that I use to tie fenders to lifelines and rails. This knot is easy to tie, holds well, and is also easy to untie. The knot is very similar to a rolling hitch but the standing part and the tail exit on the same side of the knot. This knot can also be used to tie a hitch onto another line as it will not twist and distort as much as a rolling hitch would. 

If you need to tie a very secure hitch, the icicle hitch will out hold a magnus hitch, but the magnus hitch is much easier and quicker to tie. 

The reason I prefer the magnus hitch over the rolling hitch for securing fenders is both tails come off in the same direction, making a cleaner appearance on the rail or lifeline. The other advantage is the magnus hitch makes adjusting the length of the fender whip very easy!

We will go over the very easy steps to tie the Magnus Hitch.

Simply pass the working end through the ring

Pass the working end through the ring again, making two round turns on the ring in the same direction. If the knot is going to be loaded and pulled on, the turns would go in the opposite direction of the load; this will keep the knot from slipping on the line it is hitched to.

Now pass the working end over the standing part.

Pass the working end under the ring

Now pull the working end through the loop and tighten the knot.

The finished knot will have the standing end and working end both exiting parallel to each other. If you need to adjust the length of the fender whip, simply work the length of line through the knot and re-tighten.