Tiny House Assembly

All the individual parts have been assembled as best they can before any "true" construction has occurred. Everything had been sitting in wait during our two week long period of rain, waiting for the clouds to part and construction to resume.

The trailer was driven out from the carport and set on the grass near an outlet and all the wall frames were carried out to the trailer. Each wall was set up with the frame tilted outward and supported with long wooden stays to keep them in place.

The walls were coming together nicely and quickly!

In no time flat, we had all four walls up! Then we realized that we had built the house backwards. The pop-up is supposed to face the truck and the low end hangs off the back! This meant that everything came down and had to be reassembled.

We were much faster setting the walls up the second time around! Now that the pop-up is facing the truck, we are able to continue building.