Window Shopping


The subfloor for the tiny house is complete and attached to the trailer base. The next phase will be to build the frames for the walls. In order to do this, we need to know which windows and where they will be placed. 

Every time I ask Maddie what she wants, I hear something completely different! This has been very frustrating to be since it mean's I can't continue building. The general premise of what she wants is the door located between the tires and the tongue, and many windows!

How big and where these windows will go is an ever changing story, so I decided it would be best to head to Home Depot and have Maddie pick out the windows she likes and evaluate the prices.

We were pleasantly surprised by the prices of the large sliding windows. Small single hung windows were over $200 per window and wouldn't let in that much light. I expected the price of the larger windows to be proportionally higher as well. We were very excited to see that huge sliding windows were only around $155 and would let in tons of light!

Once again, we began deciding on how many and where the windows would be placed. The final (as of this moment) decision is two massive windows on the sides, a smaller massive window on the back, and three small windows up in the lofted bed. No windows in the bathroom or kitchen.

Maddie has some time to change her mind yet. I told her the decision is not final until I cut the wood. Once I cut though, no more changes are allowed!