Building the Trusses

The roof line on the tiny house will have two different roof sections. The "Great Room" will have short walls and a steep roof pitch to help shed snow weight. The lofted bed section will pop up and the roof will have less of a pitch as a result. This means that the end trusses will have different different pitches. The great room will have short walls (5'4" or 64") while the lofted bed section will have much taller walls (7'4" or 88"). The roof will be pitched at the necessary angle to bring the peak up to 13'. 

I could have done the math to calculate the pitch of the roof, but instead I simply assembled the main support, and then set a beam on the section to spile the angle onto the beam. The angle was then cut with a saw and finished with hand tools. 

The main beam was set to the proper length and attached to the top of the walls frame. Then a board was set on the top of the frame and the edge of the wall. The angle was copied onto the beam and then cut off accordingly. The frame was then finished off with hand tools.

The beams between the middle and end were measured and cut in place. After everything was fitted, all the boards were nailed together. The difference between the two pitches is grossly apparent. The short roof will sit over the lofted bed, while the steeper pitch will sit over the rest of the house.

The rest of the trusses will be built and cut in place once the walls are up. The trusses will be attached to the ridge beam and rest on the tops of the walls. They will be held in place by hurricane anchors and nails.