Unpredictable March

The weather throughout the year for the North East can be simplified as this:

January: Cold
February: Icy
March: Unpredictable
April: Beginning to warm up
May: Warming up
June: Warm
July: Hot
August: Hot and Humid
September: Cooling down
October: Wonderful
November: Cooler
December: Cold

March is certainly unpredictable! Some days are warm and sunny, followed by snow storms. It's a great time to look at the sky to get an inclining as to what is coming. Wispy clouds will begin to fill the sky to warn of the changing weather that is coming. It seems that every few days, a different front will roll through, bringing a drastic weather change with it. Some days will begin with temperatures (Fahrenheit) in the 50s, go up to the 80s, and then back down to the 20s. Strong winds also accompany these strong temperature fluctuations, making it critical to be prepared and well versed in storm sailing before heading out. 

What might start out as a windless morning with small isolated puffs of wind can easily turn into a full gale in a matter of hours. If you are trying to ease someone into the joys of sailing, a day like that may scar a beginner, making them fear that storms will come out of no where! On the flip side, the strong wind will rocket you towards your destination if you feel comfortable sailing during those conditions. 

While March may seem crazy and unpredictable, it is a sign that warmer weather is around the corner and the beginning of a much more comfortable sailing season!