Broiling on the Grill

For dinner, I made broiled tilapia without the use of an oven or broiler, instead I used the grill

To make this meal, I simply laid out aluminum foil on the galley fridge top and began assembling the needed materials. I placed a small amount of mayonnaise on the foil where the fish would go, then added some fresh cracked pepper to the mayo. 

I then placed the fish on top and added some more mayo spread evenly over the fish, along with more pepper, a pinch of salt, some Worcestershire, grated bell pepper, and grated pepper jack cheese. 

This was all then wrapped up in more foil and the edges folded over to avoid any leaking. 

The whole assembly was then placed on the grill with low fire for 10 minutes. Then removed from the foil and enjoyed for a wonderful dinner aboard.