Checking Off The List

This past winter, I was feeling kind of down due to the never ending project of making the rope fenders. I felt like everyday was wasted on making fenders and keeping the boat warm. 

I outlined a list of projects that I want to tackle instead of the rope fenders, and this year has been off to a great start! 

The list included:

Wedging the mast partners [Completed]
Make a sail bag for the jib (Josh)
New check stays with baggy wrinkles to avoid chafing the main again
Install solar panels on the transom [In Progress]
New house battery bank (our batteries are close to 10 years old and very dead) [Completed]
Build a wooden tender to Wisdom that fits on the deck
Install a Monitor windvane on the transom

As soon as the fenders were finished, I started knocking out the projects on the list rather quickly. As always on a boat, there will be an endless supply of new projects to do as well. 

Repair chafe on main halyard
Build a tiny house

The tiny house will be a studio for Maddie built on a trailer platform. This project will happen around the same time I build the wooden dinghy, since they will be using the same tools and materials. 

I was feeling some serious winter blues a few months ago, but now that the weather has changed (and I finally finished the rope fenders) I feel great with the projects getting completed!