Sammy's New Home

Sammy has finally gotten a larger cage that also fits in the boat! Sammy's original cage was a hamster cage that sat on the table and was tied to the bulkhead to keep it from sliding off when we would

heel over while sailing. This worked well for many years, until Maddie moved in.

Maddie was less then enthused about Sammy coming out of her cage and stealing things from her plate (Maddie doesn't share food). Sammy is also a bit of a messy eater, so the table in front of her cage would be littered with bird seeds. The cage was very small for Sammy, but the door was never closed on it, so I didn't feel bad. To keep Sammy at bay while we were eating, we began closing the door and trapping her inside the tiny cage.

I quickly brought Sammy's old cage (from when I lived in an apartment) to the boat. This behemoth didn't fit anywhere! It dwelled on the settee waiting for the next alternative to present itself.

While wondering the halls of PetSmart, we came across a cage for rats! It was long, low, and would fit in the sea berth! The sea berth was cleared and we assembled Sammy's new home. It is filled with her toys, food and water dishes, and a bed; it is out of the draft from the A/C system, and hides behind the fiddles of the sea berth. 

This all translates into a good sized cage for Sammy, where she can eat, play, and sleep, in a cage that is secure and won't fall over when we go sailing!