Closer to Nature

Living on a sailboat, you find yourself much more aware of your natural surroundings. When I lived in my apartment, I only noticed that it was raining when the drops would hit the windows loudly. I was really unaware of what was going on in the world around me.

In the sailboat, I am very aware of any changes in the weather. When the winds blow from a different direction, the docklines will creak as they change the direction of their loads. The wavelets will slap the hull from a different side, making a slight lapping sound. The slightest of changes are made blatantly clear when you are living in a boat. 

These changes can be easily ignored if you so desire, but they are much more apparent then when you sit in a brick apartment.

My favorite part is seeing the wildlife that is so close to the boat. We have different birds and jellies that come by, displaying themselves in the wild.


When on the hook, these features in the natural world are even more impacting. There is nothing more amazing then waking up at anchor in a secluded creek with no other boats around!