Dock Cart Dog!

Morty grew up on the boat, so walking down the pier is an everyday thing for him. Walking down the pier next to a dock cart is not such a common occurrence. Morty would usually try to herd the cart by barking at it and jumping all around. 

All of this jumping around and not paying attention makes me concerned that he is going to fall off the pier and into the harbor (it has happened before). My solution to this problem is: Morty rides in the dock cart! 

Hes been doing this since he was a puppy, so every time I get a dock cart, he gets ready to hop in. He rides along looking forward, enjoying the scenery from his higher vantage point.

When Morty hopped in the cart, Dutch and Kani wanted to get into the other empty cart. Then Morty wanted to get in their cart (because they are friends). The problem with Morty's plan is he was the counterweight to the battery in the cart. When Morty shifted his weight, the cart became unbalanced and the battery weight turned the cart into a catapult!

Morty landed and quickly ran over to the cart with Dutch and Kani to join them. The three of them sat in the cart as they posed for pictures. 

The pictures were kind of blurry, the lighting was bad and my battery was too low to use the flash, but they were still adorable.